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about ailene fields

Every artist has a unique story and follows a personal journey through various aspects of life, and mine is no different. 

I am a sculptor. I express myself through my sculptures. They say things that my words cannot. But I will try words. Carving stone is different from most other forms of sculpture. It is a process of finding what has been trapped within since time immemorial and allowing it to reveal itself to the world. For much of my career, what I liberated were animal and human figures caught in particular moments of reflection that revealed some essential aspect of their being.

Stone is my creative medium of choice. For me, carving is not a process of extractive force, it is a release, a birthing of the figure within.  My sculptures involve a spiritual connection of creative energy flowing through me and the stones I works with, an unspoken conversation between the material and spiritual world. My work also reflects the mutability of our very existence from one day to the next. 



1973 | Lehman College (B.A)

1974 | Earthworks Pottery, NYC

1978 | Teacher’s College, Columbia University, NYC

1980-81 | The New School for Social Research, NYC

1981-86 | The Sculpture Center, NYC


2020 | "Fantastic Creatures" - Six Summit Gallery,

          Hudson Yards, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

2019 |  “Fashionably Late” – ESP Gallery

2018-2019 | "Sacred Spaces" - The Leo House, NYC

2017 | “A Plea For Sanity” – Six Summit Gallery

2018 | “Baba Yaga Eats” – Six Summit Gallery, NYC

2009 | “Out of the Nowhere…Into the Here” - CFM               Gallery, NYC

2000 | "Ailene Fields, Fairy Tales” - Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts, NJ

1999 | “Allegory: The Timeless Truth” - Ocean

          County Art Center, NJ

1998 | “Allegory: The Timeless Truth” (Solo) -     

          Bergen Museum of Art and Science, NJ

1999 | “Once Upon a Time” - Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts

1996 | “It’s All Elves” – New York Academy of


1995 | “Magic” - The Gallery, NYC

1996 | "Ailene Fields" - Broadhurst Gallery, NC

          "Twelve Months” - Southern Vermont Art                  Center, VT

1987 | “Fantasy/Reality” - Lavaggi Gallery, NYC

1988 | "Dragons" - Pendragon Gallery, MD

1991 | "Ailene Fields " - Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts

1988 | “Ailene Fields Myths & Legends” - White

          Lights Gallery, NY

          “Ailene Fields” - Barbara DeBetz Gallery, NYC


2011 | Out of the Nowhere Into the Here


Walt Whitman (Bronze) - Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts

It’s My Nature (Bronze) - Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts

St. Francis of Assisi (Bronze)

“Well Made in the USA” Award (Bronze) - Annual Award

“J” Award (Bronze) - Jewish Community Center of Bensonhurst (Annual Award)

Distinguished Service Award (Silver)-Independent Doctors of New York, NYC -Annual

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